How do spells work in Fey-Tale?

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Cypher system Fey-Tale treats spell formula as a long-term character benefit; the character can buy a “spell” or “ritual” for 3 XP and then can cast it using the necessary skill, components and ritual elements. (This is similar to owning an artifact, but there’s no “failure check” for a known spell).

Spell Level: The Difficulty to cast the spell. Casting requires magic or a similar skill.
Cost: The pool cost to cast the spell. All spells have an initial cost of 2+Spell Level.
Casting Time: The amount of time required to cast the spell
Duration: How long the spell lasts.
A description of the spell effects follows the stats block.

In general, most D&D 5e spells can be easily converted to Fey-Tale as well as spells from other sources. To convert a Pathfinder or D&D spell, just use the spell’s level, components, casting time and duration. Figure the Pool cost by using an initial cost of 2+Spell Level and with Cypher you can extend spells using effort, so feel free to revise descriptions to extend a spell with effort.