Savage Setting Rules

Savage Fey-Tale makes several adaptations to Savage Worlds rules to represent the Fey-Tale world.

Arcane Backgrounds

No core Arcane Backgrounds allowed in Fey-Tale.  Look at the Arcane Backgrounds in Savage Fey Magic.

Magic Fatigue

Savage Fey-Tale uses Magic Fatigue to represent exertion caused by using magic.  Magic Fatigue is restored through 5 minutes of rest in a place of power, 15 minutes of spiritual practice, or 30 minutes of normal rest.  Magic Fatigue can be prevented through use of Essence, raw magical power.


“Essence” is a derived stat representing raw magical power; the raw magic of creation.  Every being has a natural, personal Essence equal to (Spirit + 1/2 Vigor).  Draining personal essence is emotionally exhausting and mentally dangerous, but not physically dangerous.  Essence is the stuff of soul, imagination, hope, and horror.

Many Arcane Backgrounds grant a Magic Power stat.  More detail is provided in Savage Fey Magic.


Races from the Fantasy and Horror Companions are allowed, their outward appearance protected by The Veil.


Channeling is a new Spirit-based skill that can be used to move or manipulate raw magical energy, called Essence.  Essence can be used to off-set Magical Fatigue.  More detail is provided under Channeling & Essence.

Sorcery is a magic skill used to case Hexes, or battle-magic.  Sorcery is Spirit-Based as it uses passion and emotion to focus magical energy into a rough structure.  Hexes can be cast in a single action during combat.  A hex is like grabbing a handful of magical energy, shouting and feeling the word “Fire” and throwing it, hoping it turns into fire.

Ritualism is a magic skill used to cast formal spells and rituals.  It is Smarts-Based and uses formulas and focus to channel magical energy.  Spells take a few moments to cast, generally several combat rounds, and require clear chanting, focus-objects or formal gestures to focus energy.  Rituals take even longer and require things like ritual circles, components, sacrifices or similar elements.

More on Hexes, Spells and Rituals in Sorcery and Ritualism.


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