Focus: Weaves the Strands of Fate

You can feel the ebb and flow of fate unfold all around you in every moment of chance or change. When you focus you can all but actually see strands of possibility come together and stretch out from moment to moment. Your insight and connection to chance and fate grants awareness and the power to influence events as they unfold.

Your connection to fate connects you to faerie, the other world where dreams and possibilities emerge, and the Ways power flows in and out of the fey realms.

Your dramatic abilities can be manifestations of chance, fate or fey energy. Onslaught may be a burst of fey-energy, or it may be sudden horrible luck, like a heart-attack, stroke, embolism or fall. Trained in Stealth? Maybe you have a knack for stepping in the right place at the right time. Some skills may be training or expertise and others may represent a knack or intuition.

Sometimes, the loom of fate overwhelms you, many possibilities spanning out across time and you could spend hours, even days, contemplating the weave of time.

Possible Intrusion Options

Sometimes when amid complex forces where countless possibilities stretch out before you, you may lose focus, stumble, falter, or miss an action.
Even your luck is not consistent. Every once in a while, on a random event, even those you are manipulating, you have incredibly bad luck, as if some sort of universal scales were rebalancing.

Connection: Choose one of the following.

  • Pick one other PC. You and this PC stumbled into a Way together and got lost in Faerie for a while. It was due to your luck that the two of you escaped.
  • Pick one other PC. You randomly encountered them over and over again, sometimes several times a day, maybe for years, until the two of you finally made introductions to each other and became friends.
  • Pick one other PC. They know something about your past that you wish they did not. If they ever talk about that thing, within a day or two you stumble across information (whether through a dream, a vision, or blind luck) they wish you didn’t know.
  • Pick one other PC. You have a fortunate, synchronistic relationship with them. If they are in trouble, subtract -1 from any die rolls for any task that isn’t directly related to helping them immediately, when you two work on something together, add +1 to your die rolls.

Additional Equipment: You have a lucky charm that helps you focus on your connection to fate. Your lucky charm has special meaning and connect for you; a coin you found as a child, dice someone gave to you, the deck of cards with which you played your first game. Your lucky charm grants you an asset (-1 difficulty) for games of chance and wagers, if you have it on your person. If you lose your lucky charm your luck turns for the worse until you find a new one and you take +1 difficulty on any games of chance or wagers.

Minor Effect Suggestion: Pick an ally or enemy. If an ally, their next difficulty is reduced by 1. If an enemy, their next difficulty is increased by 1.

Major Effect Suggestion: A series of unlikely events disarms or delays your foe, they lose their weapon or their next action, your choice.

Tier 1

Pull the Strand (2+ INT)
When you concentrate on the weave of fate, you can change random events like the flip of a coin, roll of a die, or the draw of a card. You can also make a chance encounter happen, declare that you stumble into some information or find something useful. With GM approval, you may declare how a random event in the story turns out to your benefit, or by declaring that something unlikely happens, you can gain an Insight (Cypher p216), or an Asset (Cypher p192) for any non-combat skill. Enabler.

Danger Sense (1 INT)
You feel coming danger through the weave of fate. Reduce the difficulty of your initiative roll by 1 step. Enabler.

Your connection to fate gives you an intuitive sense of when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em and when to walk away. You are trained in gambling and any game of chance. Enabler.

Tier 2

Weave of Fortune (2 INT)
You weave a shield of fate around yourself that guides your steps and movement to protect you. For the next 10 minutes you are trained in Speed Defense and skilled in avoiding things. If you were already trained in avoiding things, you may increase that skill to specialized for the duration of your protective weave. Action.

Fortunate One
Whenever you spend 1 XP on a reroll, reduce the difficulty of the re-roll by One. Enabler.

Tier 3

See Threads (3+ INT)
With a moment of concentration you can glance into the weave of destiny, suddenly learning something about a person, place or thing. Ask the GM to share some one piece of useful information or gain an asset on your next interaction with the target, martial or otherwise. Action.

Your insight into the weave of fate allows you to recognize the subtle improbabilities of the Ways in and out of Faerie. You are trained in finding and navigating Ways. Enabler.

Tier 4

Knotted (4+ Int).
You can see the connections between creatures and significant objects. If you have interacted with a creature or object in the past, you can attempt to learn where it is right now. Apply a level of Effort to bring an object you have personally handled in the past to you so long as the object can fit inside a 5-foot (2 m) cube. If successful, the object vanishes from wherever it was and appears in your hands or in an open space anywhere you choose within immediate range. Action.

Tier 5

Tangle Fate (5+ INT).
Your connection to the weave has grown to the point where you can weave future events to respond to something that may happen. You can declare what will happen in response to a game event. Difficulty will be based on the scope and impact of your declaration, more significant events have higher difficulty; declaring that a traffic light will be red when someone arrives is easy, declaring that a pumpkin will fall out of the sky and crush their car is much harder, maybe impossible. Increase the difficulty by 1 for every point of damage you want events to cause.

If you are not already, you become specialized in gambling and games of chance. Enabler.

Tier 6

Search the Weave (6+ INT).
Few things elude your intuition. Ask the GM one question and get a general answer. The GM assigns a level to the question, so the more obscure the answer, the more difficult the task. Generally, knowledge that you could find by looking somewhere other than your current location is level 1, and obscure knowledge of the past is level 7. Action.

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